To my love

Affton My love, do you know how much I love you?
I would like to do everything that you want me to.
You are my sunshine in every dawn.
You are my pharos in every storm.

buy clomid canada I see thousands of pictures in the springtime,
in which the most beautiful is the image of you.
I hear millions of sounds in the summer wind,
in which the sweetest is the voice of you.
I gather all the happiness in my whole life,
and the only happiness is to live with you.
Because you are the most dazzling woman in this world
and keep cheering my mood,
and I can’t help loving you. So please don’t leave me alone.
The life is so tough while you are not in my eyesight.
I need your touch, and I need your sigh.
I don’t dare to open my eyes,
when you are not by my side.
I beg the God let you be my wife,
which is the only wish I never hide.

My love, do you know you are always my brightest light
when I was in the darkest night.

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6 thoughts on “To my love

  1. 果然是受西式教育的,连抒发感情的方式都这么西式!!只是不知道这次你想把丘比特的箭射给哪位幸运的姑娘?


  2. 自己喜欢的,就勇猛地去追吧,祝你好运!
    也希望你们很快Fall in love with each other.


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